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  • Glamrock

    Glamock is the team's fixer. She initiated contact with the group via commlink after their successful rescue of Moxy from the Fratelli-run McHugh's. She works entirely in Matrix space, communicating only via AR commcall. Deliveries are made via drone …

  • Bernard Ellis III

    Band manager, real scumbag. Ties to Horizon media executives. Could possibly be the only way Hot Take has of hitting the big time and he knows it.

  • Fineline

    Forger and ID provider moonlighting as a tattoo artist. Specializes in SINs and digital documentation. Looked out for Hot Take when she wanted to start playing in clubs at 13 - saw the talent and drive in her, and set her up with her first fake SIN. Also …

  • Buzzard

    President of the XV Tenants Motorcycle Club, an Ork Supremacist MC. Befriended Highstriker after she delivered the rogue biker Ballsack to meet Tenants justice. Deals in Cram.

  • Rusty

    Crazy old dwarf rigger suffering from one too many dumpshocks. Good for the occasional drone fixer-upper or spare parts.

  • Matt Statik

    Conspiracy theorist with a crackpot Matrix show about the "tyranny of the man and waking the wageslaves". Occasionally gets his hands on illegal cyberdeck parts and software.

  • Doc Harrington

    Runs a small veterinary clinic catering to regular and Awakened pets. Sometimes has Toast volunteer in the clinic in return for food and vet services - as well as occasional street doc.

  • Patches

    A shifty squatter about as trustworthy as a wooden credstick, Patches is a recluse who has accumulated a decent knowledge of magical places of note in the Sydney sprawl (probably because he's slept in or tried to rob most of them). He's untrustworthy, …

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