Rigger Bikie


Metatype: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Height: 1.95m
Weight: 118kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Skin: Tan


Like so many orks in barren sprawls the world over, “Sabbath” Barrag was part of several street gangs before he reached his teens. While not as tough or imposing as many other gangers, his knack for hotwiring cars and high-speed joyriding earned him the respect of his brothers – and the attention of the president of the XV Tenants.

A go-gang comprised solely of Orks and Trolls, the XV Tenants were respected by the local goblinized community and feared by the surrounding street gangs. Sabbath knew he’d found the home he was looking for amongst these like-minded gearheads. He quickly went from prospect to patched member, earning the right to bear the XV facial tattoo of the club.

For years, the club was indomitable. Cops stayed away, small arms and drug deals brought in nuyen, and the neighborhood received and offered protection. All that changed when a routine arms deal was raided by Lone Star, resulting in the arrest of most of the club. Sabbath was tried and found guilty as an accessory and imprisoned. Five years later, he was released – the rest of his crew weren’t so lucky.

These days the Tenants are a shadow of their former glory. Buzzard, previously club secretary, is now President. The original XV are but six, the clubhouse a shambles of broken men and unworthy prospects. The neighborhood is mostly gone, demolished to make way for warehouses and factories.

Now Sabbath runs the shadows, torn between his fierce desire to make something of himself and his duty to a brotherhood now broken.


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