Team Fixer


Connection: 3
Loyalty: 2
Metatype: ?? (sounds non-goblinized)
Sex: Female
Age: ?? (sounds 20s – 30s)
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Hair: ??
Eyes: ??
Skin: ??
Preferred Payment Method: Cash (transfer), services (shadowruns)
Hobbies/Vice: elf hair metal / soap trids
Uses: Jobs and cred, information, gear


Glamock is the team’s fixer. She initiated contact with the group via commlink after their successful rescue of Moxy from the Fratelli-run McHugh’s.

She works entirely in Matrix space, communicating only via AR commcall. Deliveries are made via drone or courier service. None of the team have met her in person. She speaks with a calm Irish accent. Her Matrix persona is represented by a shining emerald Shamrock.

She is contactable at most times, but for undisclosed security reasons requests commcalls be kept brief and job-related.


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