Snake Shaman


Metatype: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Height: 1.6m
Weight: 53kg
Hair: White
Eyes: Red
Skin: Albino


When Toast was born into the world, wailing and powder-white, Snake saw.

When she fled the Seattle Barrens orphanage, leaving behind a lifetime of abuse and a building charred by adolescent magical fury, Snake followed.

When she was alone out on the streets, crying out for help in her nightmares, Snake answered. He guided a nameless street shaman to her to teach her the ways of the spirits: how to let the magic coil around her, how to camouflage her albino skin in illusory scales, how to find her ways into hidden places. How to avoid danger, but be ever ready to bite.

One night, the Evil Ones came. The two shamans fled – Toast’s mentor stowed her on a ship bound for the Free City of Sydney. He uttered one word – “Hide” – then was gone.

That was years ago. She does not know if her mentor still lives, or if the Evil Ones still pursue her. But children of Snake are curious, and she can only hide for so long.

The dreams Snake sends her now are terrible, paranoid visions of blood, death and predatory figures. Toast has chosen to run the shadows in order to hone her talents; if the Evil Ones find her . . .

. . . they will find her ready.


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