Shadowrun - Storm City

Polito's Pawn

Boxes and Barghests

After deciding to trade in her cyberdeck for a high-tech facelift, Hot Take was contacted by Glamrock for a break and enter job. The team was introduced to their new member, Or+1zm0, a socially inept but brilliant decker.

The job was simple – break into Polito’s Pawn, locate and extract a mysterious runed black box, and get out – this time without slaughtering anyone. The pay was closer to actual shadowrun nuyen this time, and their first “real” job for their fixer.

After scoping out the store and breaking the heart and security system of owner Jack Polito, the runners found little evidence of their magic box – or magic of any kind. A neighbourhood street kid who claimed to have “the sight” swore he saw a mysterious man pass off a box to Polito’s Son, Jack Junior, in the dead of night. With this information, the runners decided to explore the rest of the building.

The break-in didn’t go quite as planned – a Barghest puppy guarded Polito Junior and the box he was using as part of his magical lodge while he slept, and alerted the store to intruders. Polito Senior caught Hot Take, Toast and one of Sabbath’s turrets in the act of trespassing. Shrugging off taser darts, gel rounds and spells, Polito retreated to his cubicle where he triggered an alarm. Meanwhile, Hot Take and Toast took care of the Barghest.

After several attempts at spell-induced influence, the team snatched the box from under Polito Junior’s nose and made their way out the second story window. Perhaps for insurance, Toast tried to take the unconscious Barghest puppy with her, and ended up with a bloody doge for her troubles. Sabbath drove the team to safety before anyone could answer the alarm, but not before bouncing the Barghest off the front of the van and letting Polito Junior fall two stories out a window.

After assuring Glamrock the run had gone smoothly, the team met their dropoff contact Aberdeen. Checking the contents of the box from a safe distance, Aberdeen paid the team what they were due, with a warning – don’t lie to your fixer.

Toast assensed the area to detect the lingering magic of the box. A terrible feeling of wrongness overwhelmed her – making her glad she never looked inside.



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